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“When you spend 1 hour in nature, you get a 20% increase in productivity”

Amanda Sturgeon has always wanted to work alongside the natural world, and it has been a lifelong ambition to encompass architecture and her sustainable ideals.

As CEO of the International Living Future Institute, Sturgeon is in prime position to enact meaningful change in the built environment that can have a positive impact on our lives and the environment. The cumulative time we all spend in buildings means they have the profound ability to shape how we feel, our health, happiness and even relationships. Sturgeon explains how we ought to have buildings that can connect us with nature, buildings that act like the ecosystems that exist in the natural world. They should adapt with time, should be resilient and adaptable.

When asked how best to validate moving towards green building, Sturgeon notes that employees are often always the single biggest cost for most businesses. Their health, mental and physical wellbeing should be held paramount. If you look after your employees you will ultimately reap the economic rewards of having a healthier, motivated and more productive workforce.

Sturgeon leaves us with a brilliant fact, that when you spend 1 hour in nature, you get a 20% increase in productivity. If our workspaces can somehow incorporate nature effectively, there is no knowing how much business can benefit.