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What Makes For True Innovation?

In this interview, we partnered with Front End Innovation to bring you thought leadership interviews from leaders across the innovation and R&D sector. Our Editorial Content Manager Jordan Thorne sat down with Chris Varley of the External Science and Technology Program at Goodyear. 

Varley starts by speaking about what makes true innovation. He highlights that true innovation is something that is a non-obvious solution, to a problem that once it takes told in the marketplace doesn’t just become obvious but becomes the market standard. The market’s response to the change is what defines innovation.

Varley discusses the key industry trends in his industry and what the future might look like and how it is vital to keep your finger on the pulse. How Goodyear has had to reformate tires for the electric car market.

Varley discusses the ethos at Goodyear and how it was always been innovative and what makes the company unique. He talks on the value of using data and understanding all aspects of the ecosystem tires operate in to be as successful as possible.

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