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Using Novel Scaffolds To Fight Antibiotic Resistance

In this interview, we partnered with Leading Biotech to bring you thought leadership interviews from leaders across the biotech sector. Our Editorial Content Manager Jordan Thorne sat down with Ramani Varanasi, Co-Founder, and CEO of X-Biotix Therapeutics.

Varanasi discusses how X-Biotix Therapeutics addresses the issue of antibiotic resistance and in particular, multi-drug resistance. They are attacking the problem from an entirely different angle than the rest of the market, by trying to go after novel scaffolds that have never been administered to bacteria. Varanasi believes there has been a discovery void in this space for 30-40 years. The firm believes their approach is much more far-reaching than me-too approaches. Part of what gives Varanasi pride in her company and team is that they have achieved the tricky task of running an extremely efficient business model whilst being focused on their mission.

Varanasi also discusses the difficulty of fundraising and how she takes on the challenge as a leader, the importance of meeting likeminded individuals and shares advice on entrepreneurship.

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