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Use Data To Tell A Story

Melinda Kendall speaks to us about her work as the SVP of Sustainability for Freeman Company.

With a background in marketing, Kendall believes that data and storytelling lie at the heart of success in the industry. You need to present the data at your disposal in a way that speaks to people you are pitching to. Kendall goes on to stress that businesses should have the attitude to view sustainability as a way of improving their bottom line, not merely as an ethical trade-off to greater profit margins. Much of this comes down to developing a competitive advantage using more efficient and sustainable practices or even microeconomic factors as simple as economies of scale.

Reduce, reuse and recycle. Kendall shares the importance of respecting the order of these three R’s of the circular economy. Always start with reducing as much as you can, rethink how necessary or vital what you use on a day to day is. It is always the best place to start and can often save you lots of money that can be better spent in other areas of your business or funneled into further sustainable practices.