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Trying To Build A Zero Carbon Future

With a background working for the National Park Service and a master’s in architecture to boast, Ralph DiNola’s journey to the CEO of The New Building Institute seems perfectly fitting.

In this interview, DiNola spoke to us about his green building goals, his desire to bring the building sector to zero carbon and net zero energy. DiNola emphasises just how much time we all spend indoors and what a profound effect this can have on various aspects of our lives. One area that he is particularly focused on is aiming to bring schools to net zero.

He speaks to the need to try and entirely remove fossil fuel’s roles in powering the built environment. One ultra-efficient alternative he discusses is the promise of heat-pump technology, he hopes that through the implementation of this technology we should hopefully be able to start entirely electrifying buildings. Furthermore, implementing more efficient technology into the buildings themselves, such as vacuum insulated glass and panels.

For DiNola one of the key focuses needs to be on providing the necessary resources for education. Mentorship is vital in facing these challenges collectively and enabling the leaders of the next generation to act effectively, armed with the knowledge to create and maintain sustainable built environments.