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The Value Of Communication And Awareness In Biotech

In this interview, we partnered with Leading Biotech to bring you thought leadership interviews from leaders across the biotech sector. Our Editorial Content Manager Jordan Thorne sat down with Arthur Hiller, CEO of Antyllus Therapeutics.

Hiller is the CEO of Antyllus Therapeutics, a Cardiovascular company in its early stage, looking for a drug to treat abdominal aortic aneurysms. Hiller believes the business is really all about communication. Effective communication is critical to the effective running of the company, this includes building key relationships. To think creatively in such a fast-moving industry you need to be aware of the trends and have your finger on the pulse constantly.

Hiller also speaks about diversity and the difficulties that can be encountered trying to implement more diversity in the industry. The power and benefits that come with having mentors and people to look for knowledge, input and much more.

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