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The Power Of Successful Partnerships

In this interview, we partnered with Leading Biotech to bring you thought leadership interviews from leaders across the biotech sector. Our Editorial Content Manager Jordan Thorne sat down with Praveen Tipirneni, CEO at Morphic Therapeutic.

Tipirneni discusses how much of the success of business partnerships comes down to trust and mutual interest that is built on long term relationships. These relationships can prompt potential partners to seek out effective ways of looking to work in collaboration.

He speaks to how early-stage collaborations are often the most complex, because of this navigating these early stages effectively with a partner is a great marker on how well the collaboration will function in the future. Tipirneni goes on to speak on what he believes categorizes ‘true collaboration’, contextualizing with examples from his own business. You need a diverse set of perspectives within the collaboration to optimize the long term chances of success.

He also gives key insights on what it means to be a CEO and the leader of a firm and what advice he has for younger aspiring leaders.

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