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Sustainability Is Good For Business

Chris Ladner honestly admits to being quite late to the party compared to many of his counterparts when discussing his start in sustainability.

In this interview Ladner discusses how he ended up working as a Founding Partner for Entegrity and how we should approach the matter with stakeholders.

For Ladner he fell into sustainability somewhat unintentionally. When he was first introduced to how we made building decisions that didn’t factor in key factors such as energy and material efficiency. The change in attitude he wanted to support had its’ foundations in logic and from a true business perspective. To him, it seemed totally reckless to disregard such vital factors. Ultimately sustainably practices are by their very nature built around efficiency, longevity and responsibility. These are valuable to business.

Ladner’s advice to those looking to get stakeholders on side is to make sure that you understand them and what motivates them. You need to find a way to define exactly how it is good for their business. You have to do so in logical steps. Start with how it makes sense financially, then the community benefits and how buildings can have a net positive effect on community and scale up from there.