1. Annual targets don’t allow for enough flexibility – set Quarterly goals! 2. As leader of your company, or unit – make sure that all the Quarterly goals add up to where you actually want to be! If they don’t redo them! 3. Set PRP (performance related pay)as it allows for immediacy(i.e. you can move the ship every quarter if needed) 4. Allow for shared goals as it creates extra ‘social’ incentive to achieve targets 5. Ensure that the goals are Crystal clear 6. At the end of each quarter, spend time reviewing – reward high achievers in a meaningful way! Communicate accordingly with the low performers 7. Make sure you set the top priorities with your leadership team at the beginning of each quarter (include them) 8. People make mistake of setting to many goals – do fewer higher value targets and goals. 9. Make sure your goals are aligned with the day-job – otherwise you’ll have conflict of interest – (the day job could go out the window!) 10. No employees should be surprised if they’re let go, as there’s been an ongoing dialogue around results

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