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People, Planet, Pocketbook. The Triple Bottom Line For Sustainability

As the Chief Sustainability Officer for the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention, York has a unique vantage point to observe the relationship between our build environment and health in its various forms.

Her career path has taken her through architecture, into construction, eventually landing on sustainability where she has been tasked with seeing how we can harness modern science and apply it to the built environment. York emphasises how strongly associated our physical and mental health are with the buildings we work and live in and how the importance of tackling the related issues has often been overlooked.

When trying to bring stakeholders on board with sustainable business goals, York stresses how important it is to understand their wants and needs and produce a tailored solution in accordance with these goals.

People, planet, pocketbook. This is the triple bottom line for sustainability according to York. If you bear these three factors in mind when thinking how you can implement sustainable practices in your business, you will have the best chance to create solutions your stakeholders can get behind.