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Packaging At Unilever And The Circular Economy

As the Global Director of Sustainability of Packing at Unilever, Brett Domoy is on the front line in the battle to reduce excess packaging and in particular the widespread efforts to limit the use of single use plastics.

Domoy grew up, and to this day lives on a grain farm and believes that his first-hand experience of climate change drove him to action.

In this interview Domoy discusses the importance of implementing circular design and the ethos and practices of the circular economy into industry. He goes on to state the importance of breaking down and understanding the constituent elements of the circular economy and to try and remove greenwashing from industry today.

Domoy believes that the modern consumer is constantly evolving and that it is his job and the job of others to make sure the benefits of more sustainable methods and practices are made clear to consumers. The key is not only to aim to use less or no plastic but if plastic is being used to use plastics that are better for the environment.