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Mentor, Sponsor and Advocate Junior Women in Business.

In this interview, we partnered with Front End Innovation to bring you thought leadership interviews from leaders across the innovation and R&D sector. Our Editorial Content Manager Jordan Thorne sat down with Amber Hall, the Strategic Foresight Manager at Wolverine Worldwide.

In this interview, Hall discussed the importance of sustainability as the one big trend that is instrumental in the future of business. She talks about how we as individuals are moving towards a more holistic perspective in which we are all starting to understand our own roles better. Furthermore, Hall notes how key it is to make sure the products we all use are thoughtful and intentional.

Hall also speaks to the vital importance of the responsibility women in the industry have to mentor, sponsor and advocate. She emphasizes that mentorship alone is not enough, junior women need people to advocate for them as well. Sponsorship is an area Hall targets as still being very much weighted towards males and stresses the importance of having many more women sponsored in business if we are going to have more diverse and innovative firms.

For Hall, having a plan is key, know what you bring, where do you create value? Then ask, what are my areas of growth I need to harness? Try more roles sooner rather than later. Having done more roles can make you better informed and empathetic as a leader.

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