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Making the Most Out of Remote Work Using Technology

We reached out to experts in various fields of remote work to pitch them a few questions on how to boost productivity and preserve our mental health in these uncertain times.

These leaders shared insights on how to boost productivity when working remotely. How to maintain the best possible channels of communication. Some of their most encountered issues people have worked from home or remotely, and how best to remedy these. How to form a sustainable routine and positives that can be drawn from working remotely.

As the shape of business changes and the rise of remote work, even pre-COVID-19, has been moving towards more flexible or remote work arrangement. We thought that now more than ever we should put some of the key questions to the experts.

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Hailley Griffis (Head of PR, Buffer) – https://www.hailleygriffis.com/

Sophie Wade (Founder, Flexcel Network) – https://www.sophiewade.com/

Matthew Mottola (Co-Founder and CEO, Venture L) – https://matthewrmottola.com/