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Our First Documentary Short With IT Pioneer Dame Stephanie Shirley

“Life shouldn’t be a question of also-rans, it should be a question of what’s in you to do.”

Leaders In Editorial Content Manager, Jordan Thorne, sat down with British Technology Pioneer, businesswoman and Philanthropist, Dame Stephanie Shirley, to discuss her incredible career and early childhood story. Coming to England during WW2 as a child refugee, we hear how a young girl escaping for her life turned into a successful businesswoman–working to empower women and offer opportunities that weren’t existent at the time. She offers amazing advice to aspiring women and entrepreneurs, weighing in on some of the plights of females in business today.

Pick up a copy of her recently re-released book “Let It Go” to read more about her incredible story: https://bit.ly/2yTz7FP

*A special thank you to Priors Court School for allowing us to film onsite* — https://bit.ly/2ORMeCb