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Interview with YouGov VP of Affluent Perspective Team

In an interview with Leaders In, Chandler Mount, VP of Affluent Perspective Team at YouGov shares his own insights about being a leader in the market research space.

We discuss how they’ve gone about identifying environmental and employee responsibilities as a shifting consumer trend. The number one thing YouGov has seen driving brand affinity and thus brand loyalty has been sustainability. Looking at consumer consciousness as a whole, we wanted to find out why brands and the leadership teams within them should be making it a priority to address their own environmental standpoint and company culture.

Chandler says company culture is the real driver of profitability, as the people there feel a sense of belonging when they can bring passion to the office and really dig into what they’re doing. This then trickles down to the customer experience where–in the affluent space–thinking about luxury brand experiences is the name of the game in how you make your customers feel. YouGov’s data indicates customers feel like you’re doing something responsible, aligning with their values bringing relate-ability. Chandler says they  already expect a great product, but they now want to feel they’re being responsible and making good choices.

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