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Interview with Viacom’s SVP of Audience Strategy, Insights & Innovation

Leaders In sat down with Christie Kawada, SVP of Audience Strategy, Insights and Innovation at Viacom.

Working in the television and media space, Christie shares some of the insights and innovation initiatives Viacom is currently involved in. We explore why data visualisation is an effective communication tool that stakeholders are responding well to. Capturing massive amounts of data, Kawada says data visualisation offers scalability for data and automation.

Christie shares where she sees the future of tv and media heading, and discusses where Viacom is directing focus. When asked how she personally fosters creativity and innovation within her teams, Kawada notes she encourages teams to watch as much tv as possible to spark creativity. Stressing the important idea that in order to be leaders in the tv space or relative industry, you need to understand your audience

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