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Interview with Intel’s Director of Global Insights and Analytics

Sitting down at one of the leading Market Research Events our own Leaders In Editorial Content Manager, Jordan Thorne had the opportunity to speak with Intel’s Director of Global Insights & Analytics, Antony Barton. He opens up about how they’ve come to look to youth research analysts for the revitalisation of loss of talent over the last few years at Intel, as they bring an openness to trying new thing that has led to new thinking.

He talks about how the market research industry has handled the disruption of  technologies ever-evolving pace of change, by leveraging a particular perspective. Answering the question of how legacy businesses like Intel can use this leverage to build a sustainable business long into the future, Barton relates back to the companies alignment with a niche audience approach where they are able to refresh faster while maintaining a key connection to the market. Curious how laptops might evolve over the next 5 years? Anthony Barton shares how he envisions this future.

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