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Insights With TrendHunter CEO, Jeremy Gutsche

A strong majority of CEO’s start their career path as budding entrepreneurs. Youthful passion leads to an idea that might one day grow into a successful business.

This brief anecdote parallels our latest leader, TrendHunter CEO Jeremy Gutsche’s own journey. Giving a keynote at The Market Research Event in October, we had the opportunity to sit down with him to hear more about his companies success in the research and insights field. Expanding on an analogy he used within his speech around hunters and gatherers–Gutsche explores the idea that you either have those with a gatherer behavior that leads to repetition, protectivity, and complacency. Whereas, the hunters thrive off of being curious, insatiable and willing to destroy the ego. He insists we need more companies with the hunter mentality in order to innovate and adapt.

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