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Innovation is Keeping the Balance Between Creativity but Staying Practical

In our latest interview series, we partnered with Biotech Week Boston to bring you thought leadership interviews with leaders across the healthcare industry.

Our Editorial Content Manager Jordan Thorne sat down with Martin Akerman, Co-founder & CTO at Envisagenics, Inc. Another innovator solving unsolvable problems, Akerman’s company Envisagenics is combining their technology, AI, and the use of RNA splicing to find real solutions to tough diseases.

Akerman discusses how he jumped from scientist to co-founding Envisagenics and the challenges that came with it. We explore topics around the value leaders should place on building diversity across their teams, and how a diverse team brings with it constant creativity.

For more videos like this visit: https://leadersin.com/industries/lead… This interview was filmed during Biotech Week Boston in September 2019. Find out more about the event here: https://lifesciences.knect365.com/bio…