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Innovation and Member-Driven Healthcare

In this interview, we partnered with Front End Innovation to bring you thought leadership interviews from leaders across the innovation and R&D sector. Our Editorial Content Manager Jordan Thorne sat down with Jenny Price, Director at Vizient Inc.

Price believes it is important to look at healthcare holistically and be able to pinpoint what patients’ needs are. She talks about how having the opportunity to mentor or to be mentored is a circular and very powerful process. Price discusses past mentors, the value that can be gained for your career path and gives advice on how to handle the process of finding a good mentor.

Price explains the importance of diversifying your skill sets if you want to progress. She also speaks to the importance of reaching outside of your existing network. By doing so you give yourself the best chance to evolve and progress. Price talks about how creativity and innovation are fostered at Vizient.

When asked what Price thought her industry would look like in 10 years, Price hopes the work they are doing will make healthcare more affordable and accessible to their customers. Technological ecosystems will facilitate this work.

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