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Green Building And Its Effect On Productivity

Daniele Horton’s passion for nature started at a young age, growing up in her native Brazil.

As an architect by trade Horton wished to apply her skills and knowledge in a sustainable way. She was unhappy with the slow rate of change in the real estate sector as a whole. After the 2016 US Election she started a non-profit organization called Verdani Institute for the Built Environment. This aims to accelerate sustainable practices in the building sector. Horton explains that the benefits from green building can include productivity boosts from 5-18%. Horton warns that at this point in time it is riskier to businesses for not take action, it seems illogical to build something that is outdated from the get-go. Going green is a win-win in Horton’s eyes, you will save money from greater efficiency, make money from a healthier and more productive workforce, and all the while you will be minimizing damage to the environment.

Horton ends by giving a wealth of advice to women who are starting out. She stressed the importance of aligning yourself with purpose driven organizations. Try to become an agent of change. Don’t give up! The start will be tough, try to use your feminine edge as a strength, do not see it as a weakness.