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AI and AR Research Tackling Real-World Problems says Facebook’s Director of Research

Dwindling are the days where workplaces remain complacent to change. Increasing ten-fold over the last decade, technology has created an unrelenting pace of change that has forced all kinds of industries to respond.

Artificial intelligence and virtual reality are two technologic developments heavily focusing research and development towards creating a new future of work. Sarah Sled, Director of Research at Facebook, shares some of these very advancements currently being researched at Facebook. Speaking at The Market Research Event Conference in Arizona, Sarah delves into some of the projects focusing on research centered around solving real-world problems, and ones that consider what the future of work might look like.

Bringing her leadership advice to the conversation–Sarah shares one way she’s built a strong team of employees by creating a ‘circle of safety’–a tip taken from Simon Sinek’s book “Leaders Eat Last”.

Watch the full video to discover more advice around research projects and how to navigate the ever-changing business climate.