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“Everyone Should Live Within Half A Mile Of A Park”

In this interview, Kevin Burke talks to us about the importance of having access to nature and the success of the Atlanta BeltLine.

Having worked on the extremely successful transformation of Fort Worth Park and having raised $33 million investment for the West Side Quarter trail, Burke explains the wide-ranging benefits that the Beltline and past projects have had on the city.

Burke started as a senior landscape artist and the more he became involved with his projects the stronger his passion for sustainability grew as he began to observe the tangible benefits the projects have on those who interacted with them. These range from enhanced mobility, access to nature, increased well-being and much more. The BeltLine not only provides excellent access for city residents, linking many neighbourhoods that previously weren’t. It also has had a profound effect on local business around the city that have had increased exposure due to the trails.

Burke speaks about the positive effect of your mental health and well-being access to green spaces and nature has on people and wants to try and provide as much access to parks and green space as possible for the city residents. He finishes by stating that no person should have to walk over half a mile to a park.