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Conversations with Experts, Past & Present: Transformation Pt. 2 with Manda Scott

Manda Scott is an Author, Sustainable Economist, and Co-Founder of Accidental Gods.

Scott was previously a veterinary surgeon, specializing in equine neonatal intensive care. 20 years ago she gave up her veterinary job to become a novelist.

For the past 18 months, Scott has funnelled almost all over her energy into a new project she is Co-Founder of called, ‘Accidental Gods’.

We asked Manda a whole host of questions on the impact of the pandemic, what it means to transform and the mindsets and philosophies that can help and those that can harm.

Manda spoke to the need to create a vision of a future that is not an iteration of the past. That no problem is solved from the mindset that created it; a fundamental part of the philosophy of Accidental Gods. For this reason, when we look to create a new normal, we must also create a new mindset.

Watch the full interview with the prize-winning novelist for a whole host of insights and forward-thinking opinions.

If you loved this interview–this is the first of a 3 Part series on transformation. Stay tuned for more.
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