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Conversations with Experts, Past & Present: Transformation Pt. 1 with Agnis Stibe

Agnis Stibe is a Professor of transformation and Founder of Transforms.me. His life’s work centers around a profound curiosity with how people can change, both themselves and organizations.

His initial background was in computer science and moved into science, and in particular, how behaviors can be changed, how attitudes can be influenced, and how technologies can be designed to help people achieve their desired changes and tranformations.

Agnis highlights the importance of being conscious and aware when moving to the ‘new normal’, not allowing the widespread alterations and hysteria to distract you from your long-term goals. He discusses the importance of understanding the capacity and energy at our disposal and working out how best to channel those specific resources into our daily routine and work.

We asked Stibe what aspects of being human are the most valuable and necessary for our own self-preservation, as more and more previously human operated jobs and roles are being delegated to machines and computers. Stibe speaks to the vital importance of imagination and creativity and how they ultimately separate us from technology. Stibe gives his take on what he believes the long-reaching impacts of the coronavirus pandemic might be and gives us insight into what he is currently working on that he is most excited about.

Stibe also talks us through his 8 components of transformation, human-technology, and much more. With 3 TEDx talks in his time, it is easy to see why Stibe is in such high demand over the course of the interview. We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did.

If you loved this interview–this is the first of a 3 Part series on transformation. Stay tuned for more.
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