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Conversations with Experts, Past & Present: Biomimicry Pt. 2 with Giles Hutchins

Our Editorial Content Manager Jordan Thorne sat down with Giles Hutchins, a speaker, author, strategist, and coach. After 25 years in business, formerly as a management consultant, he now specializes in applying living systems logic to leadership and organizational development.

Hutchins developed an approach called ‘Firm of the Future’, which comprises of learning from living systems to help our organizations transform. Hutchins has also published 4 books on the related subject matter, dedicating his time to this field of expertise. He speaks to the immense challenges we are facing post-COVID. Despite the huge challenges, there is also a lot of scope and excitement for leaders as so much that we thought we knew about how to lead and operate is open for question.

Hutchins questions the mechanistic status quo on which much of business and practices are founded on and ask us to appreciate the interconnectivity of systems and the logic of life. Moving towards taking our inspiration from living systems, rather than mechanistic, machine-based thinking. He breaks down and explains the relevance of biomimicry today which real-life examples he has been involved with from across various industries. Hutchins breaks down regenerative leadership into 3 different levels on which we can apply biomimicry; Living Sytems Design, Living Systems Culture, and Living Systems Being.

The need for businesses and individuals to start taking insights and learning from living systems has been more and more apparent in recent times and Hutchins brilliantly articulates how best we can start to understand and apply the relevant principles needed for positive transformation.

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