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Conversations with Experts, Past & Present: Biomimicry Pt. 1 with Arndt Pechstein

Arndt Pechstein holds a PhD in neuroscience and has expert backgrounds in Biomimicry, Design Thinking, Agile, Exponential Organizations, and digital business models.

As an initiator of the Hybrid Thinking approach, he coaches and consults on change & transformation strategies to help organizations in their digital and agile transition and toward innovative business models.

Arndt speaks to the great uncertainty we all live in today and though uncertainty is rife, these times are also filled with excitement and potential. He goes into depth on the need to adopt a new way of thinking and stop constraining ourselves to our past understanding of systems and logic. To move from machine-based thinking to adaptive and resilient life systems thinking. This is at the core of biomimicry and its relevance and importance today.

Arndt believes we need visions of positive narratives for the future, of which there are three such narratives. The human collaborative, living systems, and exponential technologies. Crises always show the weaknesses and strengths of systems. The nature of the exposure of strength or a weakness tends to lead to the acceleration of that strength and the desire to change and alter that weakness into a strength.

Pechstein tries to answer big questions such as, how can we build our systems in a much fairer and more sustainable way? How can we build our systems in a circular manner and not linear? How do we treat resources, people, and ecosystems more fairly?

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