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Thomas de Vlaam

Founder, CEO
Amylon Therapeutics

Thomas de Vlaam is the founder and CEO of Amylon Therapeutics.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in International Medicine and Global Health from the University of Groningen which he studied with the ambition of becoming a neurosurgeon. Unfortunately after a diagnosis of Scheuermann’s disease, Thomas underwent significant spinal fusion surgery in 2011, forcing him to give up on his medical career. Despite the physical challenges and long recovery periods, his dream of helping patients a grew stronger and became an unstoppable driver. He joined ProQR – a biotech company in the Netherlands working on novel drugs to treat rare orphan disorders. As their head of CNS he invented and developed a complete new approach to treat Amyloid disorders and decided to start a new company: Amylon. With some initial capital, that idea turned into Amylon’s lead program, a breakthrough therapy for one of today’s most important unmet medical needs.