Lord Stuart Rose


Lord Stuart Alan Ransom Rose is one of the UK’s most admired leaders in business, leadership, and retail and is currently the Chairman of Ocado. Lord Rose’s first job was an administrative assistant employed at the BBC. He then joined Marks & Spencer in 1972 as part of the Management Trainee Program.

It wasn’t until 1989 that he left and became the Chief Executive of The Burton Group. After a demerger of The Burton Group, two companies emerged: Arcadia and Debenhams.

In 1997, he left and joined Argos as the Chief Executive. Rose went on to become the Chief Executive of Booker plc, where he worked on the merger with Iceland that then went on to become the Big Food Group. Rose then worked at Arcadia (as the Chief Executive) and left in 2002 following its acquisition. Rose turned around the fortunes of the Arcadia Group and went on to sell it for £800m, netting him approx. £25m as part of the deal.

In May 2004, he was appointed as the Chief Executive of Marks & Spencer. The World Leadership Forum named him the “2006 Business Leader of the Year” and he was knighted in 2008. He stepped down as Chief Executive in May 2010 and as Chairman in January 2011, following the appointment of Robert Swannell. Lord Rose is on to other major projects.


  • Developing Talent
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation