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Natasha Courtenay-Smith

Entrepreneur, Author and Digital Visibility Strategist

The incredibly vivacious Natasha Courtenay-Smith discusses how she became an accidental entrepreneur; and how doing something that’s an extension of your current role can lead to success.

She talks about the recent evolution of the concept of entrepreneurship, and how it can be learned and taught. You’ll find her ideas around personal branding highly refreshing, where she discusses how embedding personal brand into mission statements makes all the difference. Natasha’s views on digital transformation challenge the needlessly complex, and she describes how everyone can utilise digital content to enhance their business.

Natasha Courtenay-Smith is an entrepreneur, digital strategist and business mentor. Her clients include celebrities, business owners, thought leaders, health practitioners, experts, and all round ambitious, talented individuals who want to build their brand online and become better known for what they do. Her first book, THE MILLION DOLLAR BLOG was published in September 2016. Blogging has become the ’it’ career of the modern world and the book will be the ultimate guide to building a blog that makes money (or makes a difference) and using content to build your business. It features interviews with some of the world’s leading bloggers, vloggers and content strategists, including Seth Godin, Grace Bonney, Grant Cardone, Chris Brogan, Guido Fawkes, Heather Armstrong, Madeleine Shaw and Lily Pebbles.

Natasha has had first-hand experience of building a commercially successful blog. A former Daily Mail journalist, Natasha used blogging as a key marketing strategy in building up her previous business Talk to the Press, which she sold to a competitor in 2014.