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Don deBethizy


Dr. Don deBethizy has more than 30 years of experience from R&D intensive industries, including over 15 years in executive positions from the biopharmaceutical industry.

In those positions, Dr. deBethizy has led and managed large private as well as public biotech financing. He currently serves on a number of international biotech boards. Don founded Targacept, Inc. and has been at the head of 10 different companies. Presently, Dr. DeBethizy occupies the position of Chairman of Albumedix and various other boards in Biotech

In the past Joseph Donald deBethizy occupied the position of Independent Executive Chairman at Contera Pharma ApS, Chairman of Rigontec GmbH, President, Chief Executive Officer & Director at Targacept, Inc., President & Chief Executive Officer at Roche Innovation Center Copenhagen A, Adjunct Professor at Wake Forest University and Adjunct Professor at Duke University.

Dr. DeBethizy received a doctorate and a graduate degree from Utah State University and an undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland.