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Chris Varley

External Science & Technology Programs

A respected expert in technology commercialization and innovation, Chris has led new business creation efforts for several major corporations including AT&T, CompuServe, Prentice-Hall, and The Walt Disney Company.

In his current position as Global Program Manager for Goodyear’s External Science and Technology Programs, Chris focuses on building partnerships and alliances that enhance Goodyear’s Open Innovation approach to developing new products and services – especially in the areas of environmental and condition-based sensing; data collection and analysis; and related consumer information service offerings.

Previously, as New Market Development Vice President for AT&T Labs, Chris led a venture development and investment group that commercialized emerging technologies outside of the traditional AT&T markets. A two-term Generation Foundation Fellow for Sustainable Development and former Vice President of NorTech, the Northeast Ohio Technology Coalition, Chris played a critical role in the early development of the clean energy movement in Northeast Ohio. In addition to his operational experience, Chris has written more than 50 film, television, and children’s book projects, and served as a key advisor on start-up funding and strategic partnering at New Media Partners, a digital media and technology consultancy based in Glasgow, Scotland.