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How to Incorporate Digital in Design Leadership

At the Fuse in Focus Conference, earlier this May–our strategic media partner offered an inside look into the fireside chat between Steven Rojas and Stephen Gates.

By: Paul Miser

It was a great discussion in how digital is finding its way into design leadership by creating digital experiences that matter. Being a “digital guy,” I kept finding myself nodding along with the discussion as Steven & Stephen talked about the experiences that they’ve been involved with and how those experiences and interactions built moments for the brand to come to life.

The general discussion around implementing technology to build brand experiences surrounded a few points:

Just do it. If you’re not trying to implement digital experiences for your brand, you’ll never learn. If you have an insight or a thought, implement it quickly and learn.
If you make a tech decision for your brand and your audience, stick with it. The biggest fear from corporations is that we’ll alienate our consumers, but as was mentioned, “if the consumer doesn’t get it, you’re not the brand for them.”
Digital isn’t about jumping into new technologies, but crafting experiences that ease or expand the consumer’s interaction with the brand.

As the dialog continued, the discussion evolved to design in general with some extremely pointed ways to view design in an organization.

Design now has the power to change business as it did during the industrial revolution.
When designing, look for moments of failure. Those are the moments to evolve and become a better brand.
Empower your design team. Some designers work to keep their job, rather than doing their job.
Paul Miser is the CEO, Co-Founder of CHINATOWN BUREAU, a Digital Product Studio & Consultancy based in NYC. They aim to solve real business problems with a Digital Product mindset operating as a diverse, digitally-experienced SWAT team. He can be emailed at paul@chinatownbureau.com.

*This article first appeared on www.knect365.com/design-brand-strategy/

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