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5 Tips to Improving Employee Productivity

Think your employees could use a boost in Productivity?! We say yes!

Here are Five Tips to Increasing Employee Productivity Within Your Company

The employees within your business are the most integral part of your company. They’re the ones that can determine whether you thrive and how effective your company will be at staying competitive.

Whether you think your company already maximizes employee productivity or could use a resurgence in this area, the reality is there is always room for improvement.

Measuring Employee Productivity and Activity

Monitoring employee productivity should be a role that falls to the business leaders and managers. Not in an overbearing, micro-managing kind of way—rather the route of bi-monthly or monthly evaluations.

Avoid going in blindly to tackle your problem. Instead activate improvements in employee productivity by gaining an overall understanding of the data within the business. Analyse trends in your reports, build an understanding of the number of employees within a department, etc. Taking the time to evaluate these trends will inform you of gaps needing improvement and will reveal patterns of consistency or downward change in performance.

Reward Your Employees

Incentives are a great way to boost employee productivity.
What exactly do I mean by incentives? I’ll explain.
This could be a bonus, an extra day off—or more minute gestures such as offering gift cards or other small gifts.

If your company doesn’t already offer an incentive program, they should seriously consider the benefits of starting one. Giving acknowledgement to your employees for their hard work can go a long way, regardless of the size of their contribution.
Incentives don’t have to be bank breaking to be effective. A simple act of acknowledgment encourages your employees to show appreciation through productive work.

Ensure You Are Providing Proper Working Equipment

This next tip may not top the list on most important, however its presence is justified.
The quickest way to hindering productivity and inviting excuses as to why productivity dips is easily the absence of proper working equipment. Up-to-date software, computers, or even working printers can make the difference between upward or downward trends in employee productivity.
I guarantee you’ve heard this same scenario around your office. The “ugh’s” and “ahh’s” that accompany a software program taking 10 minutes to load. Printers that always seem to jam.

Consider this an extremely mundane way to lose productivity across an entire organisation. Save yourself a headache—and consider providing equipment that will allow your employees to use their time in the most productive way. This doesn’t mean you have to approve every request that comes through for something shiny and new—but rather open a conversation line across the business to figure out the bigger equipment issues causing common productivity grievances.

Treat Your Employees as Equals

Positive work environments typically provide an environment free from favouritism or special treatment to a select few. No matter the role or level within the company, every employee should be treated equal.

In order to keep employees happy and satisfied in their work life, they need to feel valued. If they notice unfair advantages or treatment being offered to those around them, this can discourage productive working.

Creating Company Culture is Key

Nothing contributes more to upping productivity than creating a strong company culture. It’s one of the most important values to employees—as it determines the kind of connection and loyalty they feel for their workplace.
If an employee feels they’re working in a company culture they can’t get behind, chances are they won’t feel a need to contribute to more than what is required of their role.

An important part of motivating employees to want to work hard, is by hiring the right leadership teams that suit the desired company culture. The leaders and management employed need to align with the values the overall business sets out. A bad boss who doesn’t believe in the values of a company—can quickly cause high turnover.

When employees are happy in their workplace—it shows in their productivity—and contributes to the overall success of your business.

In Conclusion

There are many small ways to start improving your employee’s productivity levels. Whether you’re boosting team moral through incentives, taking steps to analyse patterns and trends in order to find solutions, or ensuring your teams have the correct equipment from the get-go—its all about bringing awareness to the quality of environment you are providing for your employees.

Productivity is all in the values exchanged, and details offered that will allow your employees to do their job to the best of their ability. Don’t be the organization avoiding these small adjustments—as it may hinder the overall success of your company.

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