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We’re a digitial and 'real world' business community that shares wisdom from the world leaders in their field.  Our purpose is to share with our very, very cool members, lessons from the world's most respected and admired leaders. 

We've designed the site so that you can land on the homepage and have access to universal content (i.e. lessons and videos that appeal to all aspiring, smart people - for example; "What's love got to do with business" or "Leadership lessons from Steve Jobs"), and then for you to be able to drill down to your own sector, for example, Leaders.In/Technology, Leaders.In/Marketing, Leaders.In/HedgeFunds and so forth.   However, if your niche community is a little light in content, please bear with us, the world is a big place but rest assured we'll be adding more content to your sector soon.  

So in a nutshell become a member today (it’s free to do so, so head over to the pinkish membership button) and you can;

    - watch videos of globally recognized leaders like; Daniel Goleman, Brian Tracy, Sir Stuart Rose and Michael Birch

    - watch videos of the top folk in your niche area, i.e. LeadersIn Marketing, LeadersIn Healthcare etc.

    - attend exclusive online roundtables with the leaders in your sector (benchmark and share best practicies)

    - attend 'real world' powerful events for industry leaders discussing the most topical issues you face today

    - view videos by topics so that you can embed them in your organizations learning environment

    - and finally, read articles from the thought leaders in your space (bear with us we've just started articles)

Frankly, by joining shortly you’ll have unprecedented access to wisdom from the world leaders in your field - keeping you and your organization ahead of the pack.

Finally, if you're a supplier and very well respected by the industry you serve, then we may have some sponsorship opportunities for you to further augment your position - email priority@LeadersIn.com for further details.  We also hold bespoke events, so email us about that if you'd like a LeadersIn event just for your organization.  

Most importantly, wherever you are in the world - thanks for stopping by LeadersIn, we hope you grab some headphones and enjoy your stay!

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